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draw up

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phrasal verb

  • 1draw something up, draw up somethingPrepare a plan, agreement, or other document in detail.

    ‘they instructed an attorney to draw up a sales agreement’
    • ‘Detailed plans will be drawn up for the introduction of coaching for non golfers and it is hoped to introduce the scheme through the primary schools both North and South during the next school year.’
    • ‘Detailed plans will be drawn up and people will be given a chance to comment before the area committee gives the final go-ahead.’
    • ‘Detailed plans will be drawn up over the next few months after people are consulted on what they would like to see in the building.’
    • ‘But if the proposal went down well, more detailed plans could be drawn up and applications for lottery and other funding begun.’
    • ‘‘Open and constructive discussions have already been held with our colleagues in Leeds about this scheme, and these will continue as more detailed plans are drawn up,’ he said.’
    • ‘It can't be beyond the wit of those concerned to arrive at a point where Connecting the City is underway and the demolition and clearance are in progress while new detailed plans are drawn up that will keep everybody happy.’
    • ‘This has been mentioned previously and although a draft agreement was drawn up, it was not signed by the Trust.’
    • ‘But under new planning legislation consultation with the public now begins at an earlier stage before the draft plan has been drawn up.’
    • ‘Infuriatingly, they won't give any indication as to whether a plan will be approved until it has been drawn up in full detail, which means spending thousands on drawings that will probably be binned.’
    • ‘Although the original document was drawn up more than 200 years ago, it still provides the basic rules and establishes the basic institutional structures through which politics is practised.’
    compose, formulate, frame, write out, write down, put in writing, put down, put down on paper, draft, prepare, think up, devise, work out, map out, plan, conceive, create, invent, originate, coin, design
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  • 2Come to a halt.

    ‘drivers drew up at the lights’
    • ‘As we taxied to a halt, a car drew up to the plane's steps to take us home through mundane rush-hour traffic.’
    • ‘Indeed, the bus drew up to my alighting stop when I was just ten metres from it.’
    • ‘As he approached Ashdon Way in Basildon he drew up at a bus stop where he saw a young man.’
    • ‘The driver had approached Bob after they drew up at traffic lights on Broadway, Chadderton.’
    • ‘A few hours later, just as Bob and his family were coming home from the cinema, Granny's taxi drew up outside the house.’
    • ‘Upon their return they were marched along Broughton Road and drew up outside the Town Hall before being dismissed.’
    • ‘They stood together and waved to everyone on departure and then parted, only coming together as they drew up to Richmond.’
    • ‘As you drew up in front of the palace, at a sign from the major domo, the band would play God Save the Nizam and God Save the King Emperor.’
    • ‘The man drew up close to her while both were riding in the same direction, and reached out and touched her inappropriately.’
    • ‘They turned into the gravelled main street and drew up at the petrol pumps.’
    stop, pull up, come to a halt, come to a stop, halt, come to a standstill, brake, park, arrive
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  • 3draw oneself upMake oneself stand in a stiffly upright manner.

    ‘Sarah drew herself up, full of indignation that he should presume to judge her’
    • ‘And then I self-consciously drew myself up and stood, a little embarrassed at being in a compromising position.’
    • ‘George's eyes grew very upset and he drew himself up stiffly.’
    • ‘He grabbed her by the hair and started to drag her away, but I stood up, drawing myself up to my full height.’
    • ‘He stood up slowly, drawing himself up to his full and dignified height.’
    • ‘The prince drew himself up, nostrils flaring as if he was going to say something.’
    • ‘He self-consciously drew himself up, and went out to stand in the entrance way.’
    • ‘Not being accustomed to being given that sort of look by a public servant, I drew myself up to my full height.’
    • ‘She drew herself up into a deeply sullen huff of feline dignity and took herself off to the farthest corner of the patio.’
    • ‘And the woman draws herself up and delivers a stirring dialogue on her right to stay there and earn an honest living.’
    • ‘When I say I will, she draws herself up, full of dignity and straight as the stick she is carrying.’