Definition of drawbar in English:



  • 1A bar on a vehicle to which something can be attached to pull it or be pulled.

    ‘They come from carelessness, no cover on PTO, working in the night or the day, tipping trailers under ESB cables, riding on drawbars, and a host of other practices.’
    • ‘Danger must be avoided and riding on the drawbar, coming out of the cab without disengaging the PTO, tipping loads under power cables, driving without brakes, or leaning out of the cab can only end in disaster.’
    • ‘Some very ambitious figures for horsepower of the ‘Big Boys’ have been bandied about, but I think 7,000 hp at the drawbar, and maybe 9,000 in the cylinders is about enough.’
    • ‘Another crew, assigned to white-lead the drawbar, sloshes about the pit, solaced by some Stygian philosophy of their own.’
    • ‘Other equipment included a spare knuckle, hose bags and even a wrecking chain to chain up a car that had its drawbar yanked out and drag the car behind the van to get it to a siding.’
    • ‘All follow a similar pattern with maximum lengths of 7m, excluding the drawbar, and weights up to 3.5t GVM; the limit for overrun brake systems.’
    • ‘The receiver hitch available for Super Duty F350 dually, called class V is a 2.5 ‘for larger drawbars.’’
    • ‘By the way, I do not recommend putting grease directly on sears and hammers, but it can be very helpful on drawbars and big moving parts.’
    • ‘The quick hitch will lift high enough to use the tractor drawbar or low enough to set the quick hitch on the ground and unhook off the tractor without tipping over.’
    • ‘This is different from a weight carrying hitch, which is just a drawbar inserted into the receiver hitch.’
    • ‘This sleeve fits over our drawbar and is equipped with a spring-loaded pin and safety chain.’
    • ‘Optional transport kit includes quick attach drawbar and axle for Public Highways.’
    • ‘The converter dolly incorporates a turntable assembly mounted on an axle group supporting the rear trailer, and a drawbar connecting to the first trailer.’
    1. 1.1A coupler on a railroad car.
      ‘The cars are semi-permanently connected by drawbars instead of couplers, so the noise of banging buffer plates and diaphragms is eliminated.’
      • ‘The value of this and of the larger grate is reflected in the fact that 11% more of the total heat units available in the coal fired is actually delivered in useful work at the drawbar in the new locomotive, than in the old.’
  • 2One of a number of bars that may be pulled out to control harmonics on an electric organ.

    ‘In the Hammond organ, the fundamental and up to eight harmonics were available and were controlled by means of drawbars and preset keys or buttons.’
    • ‘Also, the MIDI implementation enables you to create a true dual-manual organ with bass pedals, a swell pedal and faders to control the drawbars.’
    • ‘An EX Mode links all 18 drawbars for a full 13 tonal harmonics and up to five variable percussion harmonics on the upper manual, with two software drawbars available on the lower.’



/ˈdrôˌbär/ /ˈdrɔˌbɑr/