Definition of drawdown in English:



  • 1A reduction in the size or presence of a military force.

    ‘the unit is the first to leave Germany as part of the drawdown’
    • ‘The next major reflagging of regimental elements, prompted by the drawdown in Army forces after the war in Vietnam, occurred in 1972.’
    • ‘‘The balance of ADF personnel and police remaining in the Solomons after the military drawdown over the coming months recognises there is still hard work and some risks associated with the mission,’ he said.’
    • ‘Over the next few weeks the military will begin its drawdown but are eager to point out that they are not leaving until the work is done, and this is emphasized by the attitude of the new rotation coming into base.’
    • ‘The Future of the Army Profession is an exhaustive examination of how the military profession has developed in recent years-since the end of the force drawdown of the late 1990s.’
    • ‘The planned force drawdown in Europe will cause the U.S. European Command service components to depend increasingly on one another for logistics support.’
    • ‘In the early to mid-1990's, the Army experienced a huge drawdown of soldiers and installations throughout Europe.’
    • ‘In my view, these ISF units by next summer may well allow a significant drawdown of a third or more of the deployed U.S. forces.’
    • ‘The Vietnam War highlighted the US Navy's need for better abilities within the littoral, or near-shore, environment, but the drawdowns after the war left the Navy Special Warfare barely existing.’
    • ‘He also addresses the significant decrease in England's defense spending and the drawdown of British forces.’
    • ‘The drawdown of Air Force elements involved in Operation Anode is all but complete - coming soon after the first anniversary of the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands.’
    • ‘A huge drawdown in the force structure followed the end of the Cold War, and many of those remaining forces withdrew to the homeland, where their upkeep is less expensive and where they are kept ready for deployment in any direction.’
    • ‘As a result of the force drawdown that took place in the early 1990s, the Air Force began experiencing a shortage in the number of fighter pilots it was producing each year.’
    • ‘Germany could be hit hardest by US plans for a major overhaul of the US military presence worldwide, marking the biggest drawdown since the end of the Cold War.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, the drawdown is tied to events that are scheduled to begin in January, when a major round of U.S. troop rotations that will last several months is to get underway.’
    • ‘Contractors have been used to fill the void created by the drawdown in troop strength.’
    • ‘"When the Cold War ended there was a general drawdown," the colonel said.’
    • ‘Before any significant drawdown or transfer of responsibility, the medical community must work diligently with the units and soldiers to complete required physicals, immunizations, and dental work for all remaining soldiers.’
    • ‘The military drawdown of the early 1990s found her leaving active duty and the job she loved.’
    • ‘The upcoming September security assessment may be the first sign of whether a drawdown is feasible.’
    1. 1.1An act of drawing on available funds or loan facilities.
      ‘a drawdown on investment capital’
      • ‘A further drawdown on the Maram loan account took place on the same day to cover repayment of the Syndicate Bank loan.’
      • ‘Do not be afraid to ask questions and keep them under pressure to have their side of things up-to-date, to keep the ball rolling regarding the drawdown of your mortgage cheque.’
      • ‘The 4.74 per cent rate applies to all applications received by March 31, with final drawdowns completed by June 30 2002.’
      • ‘Any drawdowns of ARF funds are similarly subject to income tax.’
      • ‘It was a drawdown under an already approved loan.’
      • ‘The Income Drawdown Advisory Bureau is an independent specialist which will advise on income drawdown, as well as phased retirement and annuities.’
      • ‘The bank's pipeline of loans that were approved and awaiting drawdown stood at €3.4 billion, up from €3 billion at the end of last year.’
      • ‘However, people wanting to take a drawdown should still remain equity focused because they need continued capital growth.’
      • ‘He told me that the case was going well and he asked me to consent to the drawdown of my contribution.’
      • ‘One of the key players in relation to the purchase of your property and the drawdown of your mortgage cheque will be your solicitor.’
      • ‘In both cases the drawdown of fund balances came relatively early, as states reacted to the emerging revenue shortfalls.’
      • ‘This will mean that companies and some banks will be allowed to fail, and that fiscal outlays will be scaled back and not funded at previous levels through a further drawdown of reserves.’
      • ‘The end result might not be the splashy, headline grabbing figures we saw last month in the US, but it is ultimately more sustainable because the consumption is predicated on a drawdown of savings, rather than fuelled by debt expansion.’
      • ‘The company is using cash along with a drawdown on its existing credit facility and an additional $800m bridge credit facility.’
      • ‘State and local governments that issue bonds must file periodic reports and disclosures of certain events, such as a change in a credit rating or an unscheduled drawdown of debt reserves.’
      • ‘Long-term borrowings at December 31 now amount to £469.5m which includes a £46.0m drawdown under a revolving credit facility.’
      • ‘There is little question that the US expansion of the past decade has largely been fuelled by a huge drawdown in personal household savings and corresponding rise in private sector indebtedness.’
      • ‘This year it is expected that a further drawdown from reserves exceeding £5m will be needed.’
      • ‘There will always be a need for draw-downs on short notice which will call for a reasonable degree of liquidity.’
      • ‘Drawdowns would be activated to cover expenses as work is completed.’
    2. 1.2A withdrawal of water, oil, or gas from a reservoir or repository.
      ‘drastic drawdowns can render shorelines unusable for other economic activities and largely uninhabitable for wildlife’
      • ‘In recent years, experimental drawdowns of water have improved conditions for aquatic plants and, in turn, for fish and wildlife.’
      • ‘The species is well known for its ability to invade exposed mud flats after a drawdown.’
      • ‘Longer drawdowns have occurred for maintenance, water pipeline construction, and, occasionally, for fish passage.’
      • ‘Agricultural drawdowns are straining the groundwater supply in the center of the state.’
      • ‘Often, the first sign of the incoming wave is a dramatic drawdown of the sea - a negative wave which, unfortunately, can have the effect of attracting people to the shore.’
      • ‘Recent weeks have seen drawdowns of 7-12 millon barrels.’
      • ‘"The drawdown in distillate appears to be the focus of the market," Kilduff said.’
      • ‘Germany is well prepared in its strategic oil reserves, and there are no glaring factors that would force a drawdown of reserves, barring a global catastrophe.’
      • ‘Last week's drawdown of 7.1 million barrels was a big surprise to "analysts" who expected a drop of just over 1 million barrels.’
      • ‘The last significant dip into the SPR occurred during Desert Storm, when Bush the Elder ordered a drawdown of 34 million barrels.’
      • ‘Downstream water users had previously received water through a gate-operated control on the damn: the resultant drawdown on the reservoir was substantial.’
      • ‘Combined with the new water drawdowns, the engineering measures slowed erosion.’
      • ‘And it means ensuring that we keep our environment healthy—setting limits on emissions of carbon and other pollutants and on the drawdown of water and soil resources.’
      • ‘The weekly energy reserves report from the US Department of Energy surprised market watchers who predicted a drawdown in crude reserves.’
      • ‘The president alone has the authority to order a "drawdown" of the reserve, at an estimated rate of 4.1 million barrels per day.’
      • ‘The inventory drawdown has fueled concern that refiners may struggle to build supplies of distillate fuel, including heating oil, for peak winter demand.’
      • ‘On average, the poll called for a 900,000 barrel increase in crude stocks, recovering from a larger-than-expected drawdown the week before.’
      • ‘Gasoline stocks were forecast to show a 3 million barrel drawdown.’
      • ‘As a consequence of an unrelenting drawdown of fossil fuels, our species faces the daunting prospect of a transition from the overshoot phase toward collapse.’
  • 2A decline in an investment or fund.

    ‘the drawdown seemed to be concentrated in the smaller hedge funds’
    • ‘Obviously, the shorter the time required to recover from a drawdown the better the performance profile.’
    • ‘Given recent signs that both production and demand are picking up, the drawdown appears to have taken businesses by surprise.’
    • ‘You would especially want to know if there have been any substantial drawdowns that are not showing in the most recent version of the disclosure document.’
    • ‘A well-prepared trader can withstand the temporary drawdowns until the price turns in his or her favor.’
    • ‘There are still situations when the carry trade can face large drawdowns in certain market conditions.’
    • ‘Investors who suffered the 4% loss in the period to 2002 wouldn't have returned so quickly to profitability if greater capital risks had been taken and greater drawdowns suffered.’
    • ‘The majority of hedge funds, according to Forsyth, were showing their worst drawdown since inception for the month of May.’
    • ‘If investors say they understand that all of their money is at risk, that they could withstand a drawdown of fifty percent or more, then I would welcome their account.’
    • ‘Suppose instead of making 1000 pips in this month, you suffered a drawdown of 500 pips.’
    • ‘The managed futures industry was indeed hit by a drawdown over the second quarter.’
    • ‘If I had $25000 to start, and took a drawdown of around $15000, could I still continue to trade with just 10k in my account?’
    • ‘In terms of risk-adjusted returns, managed futures had the smaller drawdown among the three groups between Jan 1980 and May 2003.’



/ˈdrôˌdoun/ /ˈdrɔˌdaʊn/