Definition of drawerful in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌfo͝ol/

nounplural noun drawerfuls

See drawer

‘He kept a drawerful of parental excuse notes that he knew his students had forged in order to play truant from school; then he set them a class test on making their excuses more convincing.’
  • ‘I had a drawerful of the things, most of them with a neat J monogrammed in one corner.’
  • ‘It beats carrying round a drawerful of specialised gizmos, and since you're going to be carrying a phone anyway, you might as well have the other functions thrown in for when you require them.’
  • ‘If, on the other hand, a film producer or a literary agent or a big shot City headhunter suggests lunch, a whole drawerful of exciting possibilities slides open in your mind.’
  • ‘It's easy to see why; just interpret the drawerful of third-cut folders as a sequence of ternary digits.’