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drawing pin

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  • A short flat-headed pin, used for fastening paper to a wall or other surface; a thumbtack.

    ‘I paid one old penny for a piece of paper, four drawing pins and the use of an easel - much to my father's bewilderment.’
    • ‘We created dozens of elaborate elastic-powered missiles containing tightly rolled paper, drawing pins and paper clips.’
    • ‘So there I was, not doing much in the office, except finding new ways to maim my colleagues using only an elastic band, a drawing pin and several paper clips, when the phone rang.’
    • ‘Justino points to a huge map on his office wall stuck full of drawing pins.’
    • ‘We laughed for a moment until we looked further and further up the pole: the surface was completely encrusted in corroded drawing pins like barnacles on a whale.’
    • ‘You'll be sickened by what four young men can get up to with just a few bull whips, staplers, drawing pins, gaffer tape, sandpaper and hammers.’
    • ‘Waxed paper had been attached to it using drawing pins.’
    • ‘Take a trip through the tiny metropolitan scenes and use a range of devices - a camera flash, drawing pins and loudspeakers, for example - to shock the annoying locals into dropping their coins.’
    • ‘Staff members at York Hospital were found to have been knocked unconscious, throttled with power cords, stuck with drawing pins and even beaten with walking sticks as they tended the sick and injured.’
    • ‘I wondered over to the Portland building with Lisa S, then I looked in the Union Shop, and bought some drawing pins, which are heavily used already!’
    • ‘They included 12 reports of staff being attacked by patients, in one case with a walking stick and in another the patient stuck drawing pins into the worker.’
    • ‘Unpopular colleagues had drawing pins placed on their seats.’
    • ‘He also has a piece of adhesive gum with drawing pins sunk in it which, when combined with a thick rubber band, makes a horrifying catapult.’
    • ‘If he had, he obviously couldn't locate the drawing pins until half-time.’
    • ‘The next hour was spent sticking drawing pins in every book in the house on the off-chance of hitting on something apt.’
    • ‘She's taken paint off the woodwork, ripped my poster of London Bridge, ran around the house with a drawing pin in her mouth and wouldn't give it back.’
    • ‘Its timber ceiling easily accepted our drawing pins so we went particularly overboard with criss-crossing ceiling streamers.’
    • ‘Crying out that he was about to damage cathedral property with four drawing pins, he affixed a prophetic proclamation to the main doors.’
    • ‘However, he has forgotten to bring a drawing pin.’
    • ‘Agatha stumbled into the kitchen and snatched the letter from the notice board, sending drawing pins tumbling across the floor.’
    pin, nail, staple, spike, rivet, stud


drawing pin

/ˈdroiNG ˌpin/ /ˈdrɔɪŋ ˌpɪn/