Definition of drawknife in English:



  • A knife consisting of a blade with a handle at each end at right angles to it, which is drawn towards the user to remove wood from a surface.

    • ‘Likewise, EAIA members could make videos of groups of tools (gauges, planes, saws, drawknives, and spokeshaves) demonstrating their use.’
    • ‘Edge tools known that were made by J. E. Minott include axes, drawknives, and chisels.’
    • ‘Hammers, wedges, chisels, drawknives and planes with saws only occasionally being used.’
    • ‘Around 1500 the Woodlands Indians of northeastern North America, who had been using stone tools, were introduced to iron by French traders and with it they produced an improved drawknife known as a mocotaugan.’
    • ‘To work these, you will need a straight edge, pencil, saw, hand rasp and/or drawknife and/or spokeshave, sandpaper.’