Definition of drawn-out in English:



  • Lasting or seeming to last longer than is necessary.

    ‘after the long drawn-out years of waiting the end of the war was in sight’
    • ‘Since then, the necessary drawn-out processes added to the personal anguish that he's clearly suffered.’
    • ‘The fourth is the slow, drawn-out demise of Soho itself.’
    • ‘And by this point, the process became so slow and drawn-out that they were ineffective.’
    • ‘He dies a slow, drawn-out death, clutching a piece of red material to his chest.’
    • ‘Certainly, a drawn-out international uproar should not be necessary every time.’
    • ‘The love scene was a slow, long, drawn-out thing, sensual and erotic, and rather graphic in parts.’
    • ‘Still, many observers agreed: Inside the drawn-out epic was a good hour and a half waiting to get out.’
    • ‘It is necessary to prepare for a drawn-out political conflict.’
    • ‘But he has been frustrated by the drawn-out nature of local government politics, which has stopped him achieving other targets.’
    • ‘She rightly gave Bush credit for the effectiveness of his rhetoric and for telling the country it would be a messy, drawn-out conflict.’
    • ‘Thus, I would pay an even larger premium to prevent cancer than to prevent a less painful or drawn-out cause of death.’
    • ‘How worthless the whole drawn-out escapade has been.’
    • ‘A drawn-out legal battle will eat into your time and certainly affect your studies, assuming that you care about such things.’
    • ‘Because he did not have a visa, he had to go through a long, drawn-out and costly battle with the Home Office - which has now forced him to leave the country.’
    • ‘We haven't set a deadline but negotiations are taking place with potential purchasers and we don't expect it to be a long, drawn-out process.’
    • ‘It would instead be a drawn-out campaign, involving special forces on the ground, which would last years and would have no clear beginning or end.’
    • ‘Only a hypocrite would ban foxhunting but allow the more proletarian pleasures of fishing, which is quite clearly a form of drawn-out torture.’
    • ‘After all, the whole process is a long, drawn-out affair.’
    • ‘I am hoping that this delivery policy is an unusual one, because if it isn't I then this move is going to be even more drawn-out than it already promises to be.’
    • ‘Our under-21 team had just two games in the East Kerry competition, which was a drawn-out affair.’
    prolonged, extended, stretched out, drawn out, long-drawn-out, lengthened, lengthy, long, overlong, dragged out, spun out, strung out, sustained, marathon