Definition of drawsheet in English:



(also draw sheet)
  • A sheet that is placed in such a way that it can be taken from under a patient or invalid without disturbing the bedclothes.

    ‘The circulating nurse uses gel pads to pad both of the patient's arms at the elbows, and then, using the draw sheet, tucks the patient's arms at his or her sides with the palmar surface of the patient's hands against the patient's body.’
    • ‘At the control site, the nurses used their usual method of transferring patients from bed to stretcher and from stretcher to bed (ie, at least two nurses used a draw sheet to lift and pull the patient).’
    • ‘The draw sheet is placed over the patient's arms and tucked under his or her body to keep the arms securely in place throughout the procedure.’
    • ‘The nurse secures the patient's arms at his or her side with a draw sheet that then is taped across the chest.’
    • ‘One team member is on each side using the draw sheet, and one person supports both legs.’
    • ‘Cover the mattress pad with 100% cotton bottom and draw sheets treated with fire-retardant chemicals that have been laundered more than 50 times.’
    • ‘The draw sheets are available in every outlet throughout the town.’



/ˈdrôˌSHēt/ /ˈdrɔˌʃit/