Definition of drayman in English:



  • A person who delivers beer for a brewery.

    • ‘Rumours had it that a drayman delivering beer with his horse and cart was decapitated on his way through the passage.’
    • ‘Pioneering East Lancashire film-makers Sagar Mitchell and James Kenyon filmed everyday people including schoolchildren, mill workers and brewery draymen to show at local events.’
    • ‘It was the brewery's draymen who are the heroes in question.’
    • ‘Set to work as a drayman for a brewery, he said: ‘I always wanted to be in the Army but now I'm looking forward to civilian life.’’
    • ‘The jury has also heard that during post-mortem examinations the brewery drayman was found to have a blood alcohol level more than four times the limit for driving.’
    • ‘Peter will play Eric, a brewery drayman who arranges a date with lovelorn barmaid Shelley, which turns into a comic disaster.’
    • ‘He was introduced to Tom and Royal, two of the four shire horses by draymen Mike Berry and Adrian Noakes and toured the brewery.’
    • ‘On the left stands Tom Hodgson, a former drayman for Aaron King's brewery in Keighley.’
    • ‘From December 1 the phones don't stop ringing, the draymen work three times as hard and everyone's exhausted by December 24.’
    • ‘There are the marble lists on shop stairwells, in stations, drapers and haberdashers, the names of tweenies and skivvies and draymen, and then the later additions from the second world war, the same names back again.’
    • ‘While his accomplices forged orders from local merchants, he picked up goods, paid-off draymen and fenced the merchandise in the city's black market.’
    • ‘His melodies were repeated on street organs and whistled by draymen; yet no other opera composer has written so often about politics and power, the evils of tyranny, and fatal conspiracies.’
    • ‘Pubs that at 7am usually have only draymen for visitors, had queues of England fans outside them, waiting for their team's Group F decider with Nigeria.’
    • ‘This includes the specialised categories of carters, draymen, drivers, hackmen, teamsters and expressmen.’
    • ‘See the Black Sheep draymen sharing a ribald joke as they lower a barrel down the drop, there it is.’
    • ‘A drayman for 34 years, Mr Osborne said: ‘Everybody really looked forward to the reunion lunch.’’
    • ‘Jamie, 40, a drayman, and Liz, 35, a special needs teacher, were so concerned that Aimee might not survive, they brought forward their wedding so she could have her father's name.’
    • ‘Next to him, a drayman is whispering soft sentences of love to a servant-maid, round whose neck is one of his arms; in the other hand a pot of porter.’
    • ‘Earlier this year he stirred up Coronation Street, playing a cameo role as a bungling drayman who made a play for barmaid Shelley Unwin.’
    • ‘He was raised by his mother Lorraine, a social services worker, and father David, a domineering man who works as a brewer's drayman.’