Definition of dreaded in English:


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  • Regarded with great fear or apprehension.

    ‘the dreaded news came that Joe had been wounded’
    • ‘the dreaded fax machine’
    • ‘After the dreaded news today, I kept thinking where do we go from here?’
    • ‘The good news is, the dreaded event is not happening until September.’
    • ‘The marketplace is eerily quiet, as many people are staying away in fear of catching the dreaded bird flu.’
    • ‘Halfway through the meal, he cleared his throat, and I knew that the dreaded news was coming.’
    • ‘However, the news was not the dreaded loss that I had pictured while sitting in classes all day.’
    • ‘The dreaded cut is feared and widely misunderstood.’
    • ‘For several years I was sure that I had it and would die young from the dreaded disease.’
    • ‘What do slobbering dogs have to do with a person's most dreaded fears?’
    • ‘It was obvious that we didn't want to break the ice, fearing that a dreaded secret would be revealed to the other.’
    • ‘Finally, we are warned about ticks and their dreaded Lyme disease.’
    • ‘Only few lucky people get signs of this dreaded disease.’
    • ‘They do so much for the victims of that dreaded disease.’
    • ‘On Monday morning, I stood with Nicholas, outside the dreaded headmaster's office, trembling with fear.’
    • ‘Many smokers fear that by quitting the dreaded weed they will need to tackle another problem - a massive increase in weight.’
    • ‘Here's one dentist who has got his teeth into helping patients conquer their fear of sitting in the dreaded surgery chair.’
    • ‘In ‘The Vulture’ he tells of the dreaded bird building a nest on the highest branch of the tree in front of their house.’
    • ‘I filled out the dreaded unemployment benefits application and sent it in.’
    • ‘Even worse, you have to fill in a dreaded tax return every year - boo!’
    • ‘Even if the man escapes a dreaded sexual disease, there is still the question of character and behavior.’
    • ‘He'd relate his waking up to the birds singing in the tropics, the dreaded mosquitoes, his excursions to the local market.’
    awful, feared, frightening, alarming, terrifying, frightful, terrible, horrible, dreadful, dire



/ˈdredəd/ /ˈdrɛdəd/