Definition of dreadfulness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdrɛdfʊlnəs/ /ˈdrɛdf(ə)lnəs/


See dreadful

  • ‘Any inclination to take any of this seriously is rapidly seen off by the kitschy dreadfulness of much of the writing.’
  • ‘But does it follow from the special dreadfulness of the events of the twentieth century that the blossoming of a tree can no longer be seen by a decent, sensitive person without the shadow of terror falling upon it?’
  • ‘The mask alters the revelation in a fascinating way, both buffering and intensifying its dreadfulness, creating the conflicting desire to hang on every word while also pulling back to decipher the visual power and artifice of the scene.’
  • ‘That's not to say it's a total success, it is a little camp and so doesn't quite replicate the dreadfulness of the novel.’



/ˈdrɛdfʊlnəs/ /ˈdrɛdf(ə)lnəs/