Definition of dreadlocked in English:



See dreadlocks

‘A tightly backcombed style can border on the tangles of a dreadlocked do.’
  • ‘To clean your scalp between shampoos, especially if you wear braided or dreadlocked styles, wipe it with an astringent-soaked cotton hall or pad.’
  • ‘Fortunately this doesn't happen and much to my relief, Sky decides to leave the dreadlocked wig and opts for the blonde one.’
  • ‘I might eavesdrop on two graying guys who are debating the merits of symphony conductors in various cities, or try to get a glimpse of the book the dreadlocked poet-type is pondering at the next table.’
  • ‘The make-up of the protesters had changed by early afternoon: the gaily dressed, dreadlocked types had given way to a much harder-faced, largely male group spoiling for action.’