Definition of dream feed in English:

dream feed


  • An instance of nursing or bottle-feeding a baby during the night without fully waking them.

    ‘I've got several friends with small babies who swear by doing a dream feed’
    • ‘dream feeds didn't work with my son’
    • ‘My husband gives her a bottle of formula every night for her dream feed and when I have to go to work.’
    • ‘She who gives them a dreamfeed with bottles of expressed milk.’
    • ‘Soothing sounds, distractions, and late night dream feeds helped but only intermittently.’
    • ‘He was refusing to eat during the day and we were getting him his calories and liquids during dream feeds.’
    • ‘We usually go to the top of the road so we're here in time for her dream feed at 11pm.’
    • ‘Parents should give their babies a dream feed anywhere between 10pm and midnight.’
    • ‘I gave her the dream feed at 10 :45pm (she did that really well: didn't stir).’
    • ‘Before we go to bed around 10 pm, I give her a dreamfeed.’
    • ‘I did a dream feed for the third night last night.’
    • ‘We're introducing a 10:30pm dream feed, where give her a full 20-minute feed while she's still asleep.’

transitive verbpast participle verb dream-fed

(also dream-feed)
[with object]
  • Nurse or bottle-feed (a baby) during the night without fully waking them.

    ‘I dream-fed both of my girls as a way of getting more sleep’
    • ‘If you try to dream feed your baby too soon, they might still be full and will not take any more milk.’
    • ‘If you are breastfeeding your baby, it is still possible to dream feed your baby using expressed breast milk that's given to your baby in a bottle.’
    • ‘Sometimes my husband will want to dream feed so he gives our son a bottle.’
    • ‘I told her that I've read in various books and in one very well-known baby magazine that it is perfectly okay to dream feed.’
    • ‘I've heard many moms say they dream feed their infants around 10 or 11pm, to get them to sleep through the night.’
    • ‘I would never set an alarm to wake myself up to dream feed, that would be silly.’
    • ‘The lil man went to sleep about 9pm last night and I dream fed him at midnight.’
    • ‘I have dream fed him every night at around 10 immediately before I go to bed.’
    • ‘Last night we even dream fed him (we haven done that since he was 4 months old) and he still woke at 5.30!’
    • ‘I dream fed her one night to see if she would sleep until about 7am but she only lasted an extra half an hour.’