Definition of dream feeding in English:

dream feeding


  • The action of nursing or bottle-feeding a baby during the night without fully waking them.

    ‘I'm having mixed success with dream feeding’
    • ‘we were thinking about adding a dream feeding at 11 before we go to bed’
    • ‘Dream feeding helps babies sleep longer.’
    • ‘She slept seven to seven last night with one dream feeding.’
    • ‘It's all a bit hit and miss at that age but if if it works, dream feeding can work really well.’
    • ‘If your baby takes to it, dream feeding could be an absolute dream for you both, but it may take some experimentation to find out.’
    • ‘I just wondered if there's a recommended age you can start dream feeding.’
    • ‘A lot of mums and dads swear by dream feeding as their fail-safe way of getting a better night's sleep.’
    • ‘Dream feeding prior to 10pm only encourages the bed time feed to not be as complete as it could be.’
    • ‘Dream-feeding worked for us, because our son didn't seem to get too hungry during the night any more.’
    • ‘Daddy can also do a dream feeding of pumped breast milk to allow you to go to bed earlier.’
    • ‘Did your baby take a dream feeding?’
    • ‘If feedings are necessary during the night, a dream feeding should be scheduled before the child would wake for the feeding.’