Definition of dream on in English:

dream on

phrasal verb

  • in imperative Used as an ironic comment on the unlikely nature of a plan or aspiration.

    ‘Dean thinks he's going to get the job. Dream on, Babe’
    • ‘And when they hear a novel idea, they laugh, ‘Well, it's just a pie in the sky… dream on, brother!’’
    • ‘Yeah right, dream on, when in history did the people of an imperial nation stop their government's barbarian behavior.’
    • ‘And as for your other request, that we help you get your piece up on Daypop or Blogdex, well, Christ, dream on, Man.’
    • ‘Apart from government help and better childcare - dream on - Nicholson seems to think it is down to women to get better focused - even to become ruthless.’
    • ‘And before I hear from certain correspondents that this is exactly why we need to drill in ANWR, dream on.’
    • ‘If you want to make a fool of yourself believing in the Easter Bunny or the myth of ‘authentic’ God-given talent in popular music, dream on.’
    • ‘If you're hoping for those classic Arthurian scenes - the sword in the stone, the lady in the lake - you can dream on.’
    • ‘The hot shower seems to have sorted it out a bit but what I really need is a pair of willing hands and a good massage… oh well, dream on!’
    • ‘So dream on, Sir Richard, and we'll continue to forgive you your showmanship.’
    • ‘As for the prospect of moving to a 10,000 seat state of the art stadium in nine years' time - dream on.’
    • ‘‘If they are under any illusions that any piece of legislation will stop us standing, they can dream on,’ said Daly.’
    • ‘Yeah, dream on, boys… the antivirus industry does not hire virus writers.’
    • ‘George then says, ‘thank you Dawn’ to which she replies, ‘yeah dream on.’’
    • ‘Coming up after the break, dream big or dream on.’
    • ‘I'd stalk you in a heartbeat if I felt like it, but Montez can dream on.’
    • ‘I know that you must be surprised to hear from me, but just dream on.’
    • ‘And as for those of you who are saying that I should cross to the other side and sit there: dream on, stir on!’