Definition of dream ticket in English:

dream ticket


  • A pair of candidates standing together for political office who are ideally matched to attract widespread support.

    • ‘One of those post several pint political hypotheticals came up - what would have been the real dream ticket for the Democrats in the US presidential election?’
    • ‘The pair were excitedly referred to as a dream ticket when they arrived a year ago but, for Dalglish, the return has served only to obliterate his lustre as far as the majority of Celtic supporters are concerned.’
    • ‘A couple of months ago I fantasised about a dream ticket that could both unite the US and rejoin the battle against Islamist terror with new vigour and integrity.’
    • ‘Whether that future has a political element or not remains to be confirmed but Kenny would dearly love to have a candidate of Galwey's calibre and profile on a dream ticket in South Kerry.’
    • ‘Some think that Allen could form a dream ticket with the better known Rice or Giuliani as vice-president, pulling in extra voters in swing states.’
    • ‘Robin Cook and Clare Short make an improbable dream ticket.’
    • ‘The dream ticket would have to be John Prescott and Ann Widdecombe.’
    • ‘While the talks between Empey and Donaldson seem to have come to nothing, the notion of the dream ticket still holds some appeal for those in the unionist middle-ground.’
    • ‘Asked what his dream ticket would be for 2008, he responded, ‘Somebody who would stand up and fight for the kind of people we're talking about here today.’’
    • ‘From our perspective, the dream ticket would be for Fahey and McDaid to run.’
    • ‘‘I want you to know we think this is a dream ticket,’ Kerry said as he appeared with Edwards and his family in a rally in Cleveland, Ohio.’
    • ‘‘We think this is a dream ticket,’ Mr. Kerry told a rally of thousands in Cleveland yesterday.’
    • ‘Washington is alive with the latest Campaign '08 rumor: a dream ticket of John McCain and Jeb Bush.’
    • ‘It's something we'd hoped for and really been expecting for a number of years now, but to have it happen is marvellous, it's a dream ticket.’
    • ‘That was a dream ticket, that they probably dreamed about at night.’
    • ‘Eighteen months previously, the Simpson-Crawley alliance had been paraded as Lancashire's dream ticket, but it quickly went sour over their decision to sideline Ian Austin and Graham Lloyd.’


dream ticket