Definition of dreamcatcher in English:



  • A small hoop containing a horsehair mesh, or a similar construction of string or yarn, decorated with feathers and beads, believed to give its owner good dreams. Dreamcatchers were originally made by North American Indians.

    ‘Feathers from an all-black hen also dust away negative influences, so you could maybe add some to the feathers already on the dreamcatcher?’
    • ‘Some sent teddy bears and others dreamcatchers - traditional North American native symbols - to ease the dreams of the Dunblane schoolchildren caught up in the nightmare of the Thomas Hamilton shootings.’
    • ‘If you have hippy-dippy visions of barefoot dancers, dreamcatchers and brown acid when you hear the word ‘psychedelic,’ you haven't heard this relatively new crop of bands who are getting down to the actual sonic essence of the word.’
    • ‘And so the intersections now have these latticework constructs, these anal-retentive dreamcatchers, these tic-tac-toe puzzles pasted over your view of the sky.’
    • ‘You know what you shouldn't have: bright purple dreamcatchers or self help books.’
    • ‘Among the many half-realized arbitrary Kingisms that Kasdan tries to organize are the gang's relationship to Duddits, Henry's apparent suicidal tendencies, the symbolism of the dreamcatcher, and the scope of government involvement.’
    • ‘Soon the stage is aflutter with birds, strange, staring, twitchy things; painted and coifed and corseted and equipped with twiggy appliances that graft a backpack frame with a dreamcatcher.’
    • ‘Having one with you is also the only thing that, besides the title and a brief screen appearance, will be linked symbolically or literally to an actual dreamcatcher.’
    • ‘I wonder if you could use a dreamcatcher as a makeshift sail…’
    • ‘He reached into the inside pocket and pulled out a small leather bag, with a tiny dreamcatcher on it, and a silver and turquoise crucifix.’
    • ‘Alice once had a week of nightmares, which she healed with her own dreamcatcher.’
    • ‘The dreamcatcher looks like one of those wicker art works you might buy at a market stall when out of your head on peyote.’
    • ‘Seriously, where do I get my Green Party dreamcatcher to inspire me when I am revising tax policy?’



/ˈdrēmˌkeCHər/ /ˈdrimˌkɛtʃər/