Definition of Dreaming in English:



  • (in the mythology of some Australian Aboriginal peoples) Dreamtime or Alcheringa, especially as manifested in the natural world and celebrated in ritual.

    • ‘At this level I think the Australian Aborigines are correct with their concept of the Dreaming.’
    • ‘Aboriginal culture is grounded in the stories of The Dreaming.’
    • ‘For indigenous central Australians, the Dreaming is omnipresent though certain representations in particular are infused with its power.’
    • ‘Through verbal and non-verbal communication, Aboriginal people keep the Dreaming alive.’
    • ‘I've discussed this even as recently as half an hour ago with some people, that there's God's way, and there's the Dreaming, and God created the Dreaming.’
    • ‘What comment would you make about a concept like the Dreaming and Buddhism - is there a connection at all, do you think, between those two understandings?’
    • ‘They represent the difference between two mythologies: of terra nullius and the Dreaming, of land which is possessed and land which possesses.’
    • ‘The ensuing furore focused on two issues of authenticity: was the painting Aboriginal, even though it depicted her Dreaming as a result of his input?’
    • ‘Indigenous Peoples look back to the Dreaming to explain this mystery.’
    • ‘In central Australia, Indigenous notions of time and property have stressed the symbolic value of objects in terms of the Dreaming and their active role in exchange.’
    • ‘The presence of the didgeridoo permeates this album but what makes the The Dreaming so enjoyable is the way that a diverse gang of musicians have integrated it into their music.’
    • ‘After a day spent walking in the silence of the dunescape I found myself alone within the Ngarrindjeri's shelter, in the presence of an extant Dreaming.’
    • ‘From this, ways in which a creative process that can be seen to exist in the Dreaming relates to contemporary accounts of song finding are suggested.’
    • ‘This Dreaming, this power, this creation that comes into mobility and proximity in ceremony, emerges from a state of powerful rest.’
    • ‘And what could count as a bad painting if the Dreaming is deep?’
    • ‘In summary, in the Dreaming the creative essences of people and animals are deposited at particular sites.’
    • ‘They do not understand that the Dreaming is there when we dance.’