Definition of Dreaming track in English:

Dreaming track

(also Dreaming path)


  • A route along which Aboriginal Dreamtime ancestors travelled.

    ‘these paintings map Dreaming tracks across central Australia’
    • ‘A great stride forward was made in recognizing Aboriginal Dreaming tracks, marking the journey of spiritual ancestors in central Australia.’
    • ‘People may claim ownership of sites linked by Dreaming tracks.’
    • ‘Spiritual ancestors of the Aborigines are seen to have created the landscape when they travelled along Dreaming tracks.’
    • ‘Intangible materials, such as stories, Dreaming tracks, and songs, are not protected.’
    • ‘There is another story that takes a Dreaming track through to, I think, Alice Springs.’
    • ‘Because the Dreaming tracks criss-cross and intersect at many points, they establish a network of spiritual bonds which tie the bands of a region together.’
    • ‘Many Dreaming tracks from all through Central Australia converge on or pass through the Todd River and surrounding ranges.’
    • ‘All Australia is part of one or another Dreaming path, and on more than one where they mesh, which is often.’
    • ‘All trade routes are inevitably on a Dreaming path, though not necessarily the same one.’
    • ‘They felt aggrieved by this action to mine their country, destroying sacred sites and important Dreaming tracks, and called for them to change the decision to mine.’