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  • 1Sleep regarded as a world of dreams.

    ‘she tries to lull herself into dreamland’
    • ‘The sounds of the waves lapping against the pilings would quickly lull Lily to dreamland, especially since she hadn't slept well the night before.’
    • ‘Don't depend on diversions like TV to lull you into dreamland, either.’
    • ‘Within seconds, she'd fallen asleep, almost as if the hum of the coffee grinder had lulled her into dreamland.’
    • ‘I drifted off to sleep, with the light from the fishtank lulling me into dreamland.’
    • ‘But she immediately knows in her heart that her youngest child is not safe and sound and slumbering away in dreamland..’
    • ‘Asha wished she could do the same, forget about everything and sleep, drift off to dreamland where nothing like this existed and it was all perfect.’
    • ‘We discuss a number of other non-drug options for dropping into dreamland in our Guide to Getting a Good Night's Sleep.’
    • ‘Knowing this she allowed sleep to claim her and carry her away into dreamland.’
    • ‘To really send you off to dreamland, try an aromatic approach to sleep and relaxation.’
    • ‘Off I went into slumber and yes, I did find dreamland.’
    • ‘It's going to cost me about $400 to have this lady spend two 10-hour nights at my house, giving me rest and a way forward into dreamland for us all.’
    • ‘Towards the end of the week, however, the fresh moorland air, good food and daily excursions have worked their magic and the youngsters are in dreamland the moment their heads touch the pillow.’
    • ‘So I do it every night before going off to dreamland.’
    • ‘And just in case you drift a little too deeply into dreamland, the hotel offers a guaranteed wake-up call or that night is free.’
    • ‘I was pretending to not be drifting off into dreamland.’
    • ‘Once she was in dreamland, I switched on my home PC and the ‘office’ day resumed.’
    • ‘I think sleep was winning and I felt that heaviness in my head that was a sign I would sink into dreamland in a second.’
    • ‘Hence I am now knackered and about to head off to dreamland.’
    • ‘It's so easy when I wake in the morning, or the afternoon, with a story line all there in the forefront of my mind, fresh from dreamland.’
    • ‘Head over to Command Post, where they have been quite busy all night while I was in dreamland.’
    sleep, slumber, land of Nod
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    1. 1.1An imagined and unrealistically ideal world.
      ‘there was always in the Cotton Club a certain dreamland aspect’
      • ‘It's a utopian dreamland for those opposed to mobile phone masts.’
      • ‘It was a gorgeous set; it looked like an enchanted dreamland at the romantic edge of a golden heaven.’
      • ‘‘He was living in a dreamland and at last he has woken up to the true state of the British economy,’ said shadow chancellor George Osborne.’
      • ‘As Britain's chief cheerleader for congestion charging pedalled into central London last week he entered a personal dreamland.’
      • ‘The stance has led to accusations that the party was living in a dreamland where all ills could be cured by simply spending more money on everything.’
      • ‘Many there are amongst us who obviously prefer the safety of pure illusion or the myths of romancers who would have us reside in a dreamland or in reverie, drifting endlessly within the gates of Eden.’
      • ‘The name ‘Dreamland’ came from people commenting that the Northwest is a dreamland for skaters.’
      • ‘This is just pathetic, and is further evidence of the dreamland that California is living in.’
      • ‘At the same time he paints a sad picture of the dreamland inhabited by his drunks, druggies and small-time punks.’
      • ‘I knew that these images were only visible to my eyes in a make-believe dreamland.’
      • ‘The westerner is lulled into a dreamland and as the money is quickly drained away, so are his standards.’
      • ‘But, if anyone believes that this is going to supplant the powerful mainstream news media by 2004 they are living in dreamland.’
      • ‘The championship is in England, not in dreamland.’
      • ‘And happily, at least for car thieves, that's where it's going to stay - in dreamland.’
      • ‘Can you blame me for preferring cosy dreamland to horrible reality?’
      • ‘In case you are wondering why the Church did not choose a venue in the South, you must be living in dreamland.’
      • ‘Me, well perhaps I live in dreamland, but nothing like that has happened to me yet.’
      • ‘Head there during the day, and you will think you are in some kind of narcissistic, hedonistic dreamland.’
      • ‘They clearly believed they were living in dreamland - and hoped the Dutch would not wake up.’
      • ‘Anyone in their right mind would flee in favor of a brightly colored Technicolor dreamland full of dancing midgets and brainless robotic lumberjacks.’
      the land of make-believe, never-never land, fairyland, world of fantasy, cloud cuckoo land
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/ˈdrēmˌland/ /ˈdrimˌlænd/