Definition of dreamscape in English:



  • A landscape or scene with the strangeness or mystery characteristic of dreams.

    ‘surrealism's popular manifestations were the dreamscapes of Salvador Dali’
    • ‘Exploring on his own, Kox discovered the surrealist work of Salvador Dali and began painting portraits, landscapes, and surrealistic dreamscapes.’
    • ‘The film becomes a massive dreamscape, with characters constantly questioning whether they're in reality or if their subconscious is just belching again.’
    • ‘Next, they quickly morph into strange dreamscapes featuring handmade windmills, water-spraying tilt-a-whirls, pink flamingos and yellow, bobbing dime-store ducks.’
    • ‘But all it meant for him now was that he'd end up trapped in these horribly unpleasant dreamscapes, where strange dire men hawked cookware and arcane exercise devices.’
    • ‘Other than that, the world would be a Utopia, void of the overly verbose descriptions of fantasy dreamscapes that plague today's society.’
    • ‘Mere words could never capture the phantasmagoria of our dreamscape.’
    • ‘I've become known as a sort of a master of the abstract image, and where that gets used in cinema tends to be in dreamscapes, acid trips or some hallucinatory sequence.’
    • ‘If it is true, as Yeats said, that ‘in dreams begins responsibility,’ what remains to be established in Ball's work is a sense of what responsibilities his luminous, arresting, uncanny dreamscapes call the reader toward.’
    • ‘The two pillars of electro-pop are both French duos with distinctly different sounds: the robotic dry-hump of Daft Punk and the sexual dreamscapes of Air.’
    • ‘In choosing these diminutive vistas, the photographers also imparted a sense of intimacy in the photos in their attempts to simulate dreamscapes or the unconscious.’
    • ‘Anyone who has seen Campbell's work develop over the years will have found it hard to forget his bizarre and vivid dreamscapes, where unlikely figures act out impossible narratives on the stage of his canvases.’
    • ‘His paintings are loose and washy figurative dreamscapes that make the viewer feel as if there's a thick gauze on the surface of the painting and a story book world floating behind it.’
    • ‘Images of aeroplanes as luxury objects and weapons of war intermingle with dreamscapes in which people relate to the seminal desire of human beings to fly like birds.’
    • ‘Her otherworldly dreamscapes are lush and gorgeous, with a dark, dangerous undertone.’
    • ‘His word-spell brings the reader further and further into his dreamscapes.’
    • ‘Fire is nothing if not a cinema, a dreamscape where sapphire crown becomes gods and goddesses, blazing ridge becomes whole armies - organic Oriental cities rushing in the new year.’
    • ‘Its riot coverage, however, could be characterized as the mutterings of someone having a nightmare yet somehow determined to control the terrible surreality of the dreamscape.’
    • ‘But its dreamscape reminds me as much of Cocteau's ancient figures marooned in modernity, speaking like ghosts or halfrealized human beings.’
    • ‘We passed one another on the beach, sometimes quite closely, with no sign of recognition, like sleepwalkers ghosting through a dreamscape in which each was alone.’
    • ‘Try building a dreamscape, colliding realms of time and space…’