Definition of dreamwork in English:



  • The processes by which the unconscious mind alters the manifest content of dreams in order to conceal their real meaning from the dreamer.

    ‘In dreamwork, psychologists wisely counsel that we ‘keep the lid on the pot’; ‘withdraw the projections’ back into the inner world.’
    • ‘Clinical dreamwork is done within the context of psychotherapy and clinical & sleep research and has different approaches and goals than peer dreamwork.’
    • ‘The more I think about dreamwork, though, the more I recall the people with whom I have shared the dreams of my days and nights.’
    • ‘It is an understanding of the image better served by the Freudian concepts of the symptom and of dreamwork than by the procedures of iconology developed by the Kantian inheritors of Renaissance humanism, in particular, Panofsky.’
    • ‘Online groups - with real-time conversations and bulletin-board postings of dreams and feedback - have made dreamwork accessible to everyone.’



/ˈdrēmwərk/ /ˈdrimwərk/