Definition of dreariness in English:



See dreary

  • ‘Both groups separately discuss the boredom and dreariness of their lives and decide to have a night out on the town - predictably ending up in the same place.’
  • ‘Located in the eastern part of the city on a once dry and desolate vast piece of land, today it is a fascinating beehive of activities, the dreariness having given place to eye catching greenery and multiple activities.’
  • ‘By sheer force of contrast, after the washed out bleak dreariness of the English winter I'm beginning to understand the stature of Spring in English literature.’
  • ‘It's bright and homely… displaying none of the drab and dreariness you'd expect for any kind of health-related centre.’
  • ‘It will take years and years before it's natural dreariness is overcome.’