Definition of dress coat in English:

dress coat


  • A coat with long tails at the back, worn by men on very formal occasions.

    • ‘I stood and smiled to the group and then accepted the black dress coat that Derek draped over my shoulders.’
    • ‘If I'm in the studio or having a creative meeting, I'm less inclined to wear a dress coat.’
    • ‘He asked if everyone could hear him, and took a second to check the small microphone in his lapel; a thin black wire trailed down the back of his dress coat and off to the side of the platform.’
    • ‘He removed the dress coat and walked to a window.’
    • ‘Matt did own a dress coat, Mary hastens to add, but he hadn't gotten together the money to buy the slacks.’
    • ‘Rio walked across the room constantly, his dress coat almost sliding on the floor.’
    • ‘He then dabbed his forehead with a cloth and took off his dress coat, handing it to another pastor.’
    • ‘The current enlisted blue dress coat with slash cuff appeared in 1892, gaining pockets by 1949.’
    • ‘He wore a velvet, royal blue dress coat, hemmed with gold thread and gold cuffs.’