Definition of dressed overall in English:

dressed overall


  • (of a ship) decorated with a continuous line of flags from bow to stern.

    ‘the marina was crammed full of yachts dressed overall’
    • ‘While in port the ship was dressed overall, along with other vessels, to mark the national celebrations and to meet up again with colleagues from the Royal Canadian Navy.’
    • ‘Beyond hosting various media events while in Southampton, the ship will be open to visitors throughout the boat show and be dressed overall for the duration.’
    • ‘The most eye-catching exhibit - apart from Northumberland, dressed overall - was the amphibious car, a £150,000 vehicle which regularly hurtled past the frigate's berth.’
    • ‘A number of boats were dressed overall for the regatta or were flying their battle flags.’
    • ‘The Union Castle Line's flagship, the Windsor Castle, was dressed overall to mark her 100th voyage between Southampton and South Africa when she docked in Durban.’