Definition of dressing shed in English:

dressing shed


Australian, New Zealand
  • A changing room at a swimming pool or sports ground.

    ‘they look mentally exhausted as they run out of the dressing shed’
    • ‘The team would have to retreat to the dressing shed at half time.’
    • ‘The ironic thing about this is both teams would have been having a beer together post match in the dressing sheds.’
    • ‘We've got a really resilient bunch of blokes in that dressing shed.’
    • ‘It's well worth the motivational factor alone by having him around the dressing sheds.’
    • ‘The club was formed in the mid-1970s and by 1981 had its own dressing sheds and a canteen.’
    • ‘In the dressing sheds, he told his teammates that they had to find a way to put that performance behind them.’
    • ‘He was on hand to celebrate with the players in the stadium dressing sheds post-match.’
    • ‘I imagine a few of them might have almost had to introduce themselves in the dressing sheds before the game.’
    • ‘The referee fell to the ground when walking to the dressing sheds.’
    • ‘The result was overshadowed by a verbal disagreement which occurred as the teams were walking into the dressing sheds at half-time.’