Definition of drift apart in English:

drift apart

phrasal verb

  • (of two or more people) gradually become less intimate or friendly.

    ‘Lewis and his father drifted apart’
    • ‘The couple, expecting their decree nisi next month, have drifted apart in recent months.’
    • ‘In an exclusive interview, the Afghan President Hamid Karzai shows us what's making America's allies drift apart.’
    • ‘Over the years, however, they drifted apart.’
    • ‘I don't know what happened, I guess in the long trek through my ever changing moods we sort of drifted apart.’
    • ‘There is no grim diagnosis of their relationship, no claim they had drifted apart, no mention of divorce.’
    • ‘They graduated in 1948, then quickly drifted apart.’
    • ‘Most of us, even with every communication option possible, drift apart from friends.’
    • ‘They may even lead to the couple drifting apart.’
    • ‘Twenty-five years later, the three friends have drifted apart.’
    • ‘They demonstrate just how far the old allies have drifted apart.’