Definition of drill press in English:

drill press


  • A machine tool for drilling holes, set on a fixed stand.

    • ‘Is there machinery like an old drill press or maybe an old refrigerator plugged into the same circuit (not necessarily same outlet) as the computer?’
    • ‘In addition to the belt-driven machines, there is an electric lathe and an electric drill press.’
    • ‘A drill press is essential for drilling the hole straight.’
    • ‘The weight absorbs the vibration from the drill press allowing the machine to run more smoothly.’
    • ‘The best instrument to cut these holes is a 1 1/8-inch diameter bit, and the use of a drill press will help ensure accurately placed holes.’
    • ‘Drilling for the takedown screw must be done with a milling machine, or at the minimum on a good drill press with a rigid quill.’
    • ‘Clements was born and bred in Mississippi and grew up doubly blessed with a father who not only taught him hunting and fishing, but also how to do metalwork with a welder, drill press and lathe.’
    • ‘Over at the drill press the craftsman carefully adjusted the piece of steel sheet, then reached up to grasp the handle, his fingers flexing around the wooden grips.’
    • ‘And what if the motor causing it to rotate was instead a huge drill press which drove into the ground at hundreds of thousands of miles an hour?’
    • ‘You'll need a table saw or jigsaw, a sander, a drill press, and about three hours.’
    • ‘Her job requires her to press a single button on a drill press once per second.’
    • ‘If you happen to have a drill press in your garage, now is when you should use it.’
    • ‘The drill press wheel design should provide good firming of the seed into the bottom of the seed furrow and firming of the soil around the seed.’
    • ‘She always wanted to be a writer but wound up working pretty much her whole life as a drill press operator, a steel mill worker, and a long-term caregiver for people with Alzheimer's.’
    • ‘In their place are roll-crimp spinning heads designed to be used with an electric hand drill or drill press made by Ballistic Products and Precision Reloading.’
    • ‘These two knifemakers gave him all the advice and inspiration he needed to get going, and by March, 2000 he bought his first grinder and drill press.’
    • ‘Some kind of drill press stuck out of every pile of rubble.’
    • ‘There were rows and rows of Bridgeport milling machines and Clausen lathes plus some drill presses, broaches and the odd grinder.’
    • ‘The machine shop houses 21 lathes, four mills, three drill presses, two sand blasters, three buffers, seven grinders, a planer, two TIG welders and a complete tool room.’
    • ‘To this end, he arranges to have hundreds of tractors, computers, drill presses, and other expensive capital goods shipped to their country, and distributed equally among the natives.’