Definition of drill sergeant in English:

drill sergeant


  • A noncommissioned officer who trains soldiers in basic military skills.

    ‘Tapes of military marches, a drill sergeant's orders and nostalgic 1950s songs add to the atmosphere.’
    • ‘He previously served as a mechanized rifle company master gunner, drill sergeant, and Bradley fighting vehicle instructor.’
    • ‘Something is wrong in our society when a high school football coach is allowed to be harder on his players than a drill sergeant is allowed to be on his soldiers in basic training.’
    • ‘The drill sergeant takes the soldiers outside to do drills.’
    • ‘Successful performance in jobs like drill sergeant, instructor, first sergeant, and platoon sergeant all clearly enhance a Soldier's chances of promotion.’
    • ‘As a drill sergeant it is his job to train young civilians to be Army soldiers.’
    • ‘He entered the Army Reserve in 1980 as a mechanic, became a drill sergeant and switched to being a cavalry scout in 1989.’
    • ‘The enemy is issued a mission to conduct a baited ambush under the supervision of a drill sergeant.’
    • ‘The participants include an FBI agent, a drill sergeant named Sarge, a Pennsylvania sheep farmer and a mechanical bull operator from Los Angeles.’
    • ‘The relationship between a Korean golfer and her father can be like that of an Army recruit and a drill sergeant.’
    • ‘He's got Sergeant Richards as his drill sergeant who is just as bad as his father.’
    • ‘The picture of himself, of the military base, of the drill sergeant, it all faded away into nothingness.’
    • ‘When the idea fails, they end up in the military and have to deal with a no-nonsense drill sergeant.’
    • ‘The new housekeeper, must have been a drill sergeant in the army in her past life.’
    • ‘He is also a graduate of the basic airborne course, drill sergeant school and master gunner's course.’
    • ‘Now 83, he's confined to an old folks home patrolled by a drill sergeant of a nurse.’
    • ‘Her father was like a drill sergeant, always forcing her to train on the courts.’
    • ‘Dad was now a drill sergeant for incoming recruits.’
    • ‘Then he told the major that he was a former U.S. Army drill sergeant.’
    • ‘He quarterbacks his team like a drill sergeant, constantly shouting out instructions.’


drill sergeant

/ˈdril ˌsärjənt/ /ˈdrɪl ˌsɑrdʒənt/