Definition of drillmaster in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdrilˌmastər/ /ˈdrɪlˌmæstər/


  • 1A person who instructs or leads others, especially recruits, in military drills and marching.

    • ‘The VMI cadets were ordered to Richmond to serve as drillmasters for thousands of recruits who gathered there.’
    • ‘Yet with many drillmasters themselves inexperienced and with even some experienced ones being of doubtful competence, some curious maneuvers resulted, never contemplated by those who drew up the drill manuals.’
    • ‘One hundred metres above the drifts, with the broken connection thrashing over our heads, we ask the drillmaster how he and his team had fared during the reforms.’
    • ‘The winners turned out to be a team of journeymen Greeks, well schooled by a German drillmaster.’
    • ‘Although uniforms would have seemed multiform to the drillmasters of a later age, they were beginning to establish themselves, and regimental colours and standards increasingly bore unmistakable national symbols.’
    1. 1.1A rigorous, exacting, or severe instructor; a martinet.
      ‘On the football field, he was a drillmaster and master psychologist.’
      ‘He was a drillmaster but the work paid off as the Americans won four of five games here, losing only to Canada after they had already made the medal round.’



/ˈdrilˌmastər/ /ˈdrɪlˌmæstər/