Definition of drink someone under the table in English:

drink someone under the table


  • Consume as much alcohol as one's drinking companion without becoming as drunk.

    • ‘I'd tell guys, ‘I can drink you under the table!’’
    • ‘These guys can drink you under the table, and talk your ears off once you're down there.’
    • ‘But the Australians would drink them under the table, then be up at 6: 30 working.’
    • ‘Liza could drink him under the table with one hand tied behind her back.’
    • ‘The drummer, who once reportedly dated the sexy blonde, claims Tara is the only woman who can drink him under the table.’
    • ‘You didn't drink me under the table, but you did do better then I thought you would.’
    • ‘They promptly drank you under the table then gave you a good thrashing.’
    • ‘After all the formalities I drank him under the table at the pub.’
    • ‘I bet she could drink you under the table any day.’