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  • 1(of a liquid) fit to drink; potable.

    ‘a supply of drinkable water’
    • ‘In rural areas, few people have access to drinkable water.’
    • ‘I keep thinking how lucky we are to have clean drinkable water come out of the tap.’
    • ‘Each day, 50 million additional gallons of treated, drinkable water are being pumped to the Baghdad residents.’
    • ‘The city did not have drinkable water for five weeks.’
    • ‘In restaurants, I think it is pretty sure to assume the water in the glass is drinkable.’
    • ‘White House reporters will surely have been relieved to learn that Canberra's tap water is drinkable.’
    • ‘Within 24 hours, we had drinkable water.’
    • ‘A purification process then makes the water drinkable.’
    • ‘You didn't have to carry water because the water in the bush was drinkable.’
    • ‘Experts say the water there is much cleaner and could provide 3 million cubic metres of drinkable water.’
    • ‘The soil was moist, but there was no drinkable water.’
    • ‘And you can even dispense with bottled water - the Pelion water is renowned for its purity and perfectly drinkable.’
    • ‘It should be a clear, clean and drinkable water.’
    • ‘The thing is that although Sinai is surrounded by beautiful water, barely any of the water on the peninsula is drinkable.’
    • ‘All the water, brought in by trucks, is contaminated and must be boiled to make it drinkable.’
    • ‘The main priorities will be ensuring adequate shelter, access to health care, drinkable water and measures to control the spread of disease.’
    • ‘River water, incidentally, is even drinkable today after a good boil.’
    • ‘There's no drinkable water and little if any electricity here, and no plan yet for restoring the neighborhood.’
    • ‘Drinkable water was available to about 65 percent of households in 1990, and 20 percent of households had a refrigerator.’
    • ‘The water of the lake is a mixture of karst water, which is drinkable, and a little salty seawater from the nearby Mediterranean Sea.’
    fit to drink, potable, palatable
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    1. 1.1 informal (of a drink) pleasant to taste; palatable.
      • ‘a very drinkable red wine’
      • ‘You can also put pudding in a blender with your shake to make a thicker drinkable version.’
      • ‘Soft drinks, traditionally speaking, are for making hard drinks more drinkable.’
      • ‘The wine, poured from a very authentic vase-shaped glass container, was very drinkable.’
      • ‘Finding drinkable Pinot Noir from New Zealand for under £ 6 is almost impossible.’
      • ‘The coffee shop was a Costa Coffee, selling beverages that were actually drinkable.’
      • ‘I would highly recommend it - we had tapas with a very drinkable Rioja Crianza.’
      • ‘Almost a liquid confection, this huge, fleshy wine, drinkable now, will still have appeal in five years.’
      • ‘This process also made the wines more drinkable in their youth.’
      • ‘What is special to the northern region is Marzemino, which produces a light, fruity and very drinkable red wine.’
      • ‘Moreover, the better restaurants, such as the Steak House, serve decent food and very drinkable wine.’
      • ‘Almost perfect conditions ensured a good harvest and enabled makers to achieve very drinkable wines.’
      • ‘The wine, as with everywhere else in the region, is cheap but eminently drinkable.’
      • ‘We decided to stick with the house white, a pleasant and eminently drinkable chardonnay that evening, and then headed into the food stations.’
      • ‘If you enjoy a night out with very drinkable drinks and a diverse crowd, Opal is the place to go.’
      • ‘Utterly drinkable, it slips down your throat with a coolness that only a funny, foreign beer could provide.’
      • ‘She tried her coffee and it was still drinkable.’
      • ‘The upfront gooseberry aromas and flavours combine perfectly in this soft drinkable wine.’
      • ‘The house lager was, again, delicious, just a bit on the malty side, and perilously drinkable.’
      • ‘As for the wines produced here, some of the reds, at least, are much better than merely drinkable.’
      • ‘I didn't particularly expect the beer to be drinkable, but I was interested to see.’



/ˈdriNGkəb(ə)l/ /ˈdrɪŋkəb(ə)l/