Definition of drinking-up time in English:

drinking-up time


mass noun
  • (in the UK) a short period (now twenty minutes) legally allowed for finishing drinks bought before closing time in a pub or bar.

    • ‘She has asked council licensing officers to allow her to open until midnight from Wednesday to Saturday, with an extra 30 minutes for drinking-up time.’
    • ‘There will be 30 minutes drinking-up time in addition to those times.’
    • ‘‘Pub ‘happy hours’ and entertainment during the 30 minutes drinking-up time will be banned from today under new liquor licensing laws.’
    • ‘Closing time on Thursday nights is being brought back to 11.30 pm and there is to be a prohibition on the provision of entertainment during the 30 minutes drinking-up time as well as a ban on promotions in bars which encourage drinking.’
    • ‘Both deadlines include a 30-minute drinking-up time.’
    • ‘Alcohol will stop being served 30 minutes before closing time - adding ten minutes on to the current drinking-up time.’
    • ‘It has also applied to remove drinking-up time restrictions, allow credit sales and to allow limited entertainment.’
    • ‘The new opening hours, and other licensing conditions around live music, hot food and drinking-up time, will come into force on November 24.’
    • ‘The association argued that not allowing dancing during drinking-up time made ‘no sense whatsoever’.’


drinking-up time