Definition of drinking age in English:

drinking age


  • The minimum age at which it is legal for a person to buy alcohol.

    ‘he is still one year under the legal drinking age in Ontario’
    ‘most states had raised the drinking age to 21’
    • ‘Pretty much everybody of legal drinking age who works at Lone Star has tasted the drinks offered on its menu.’
    • ‘Students under legal drinking age consumed greater quantities of alcohol than those for whom alcohol consumption is legal.’
    • ‘Marijuana is illegal in Britain and the drinking age is 18.’
    • ‘Lowering the drinking age might sound radical.’
    • ‘Alcohol use in rural areas has been identified as a significant problem among those under the legal drinking age.’
    • ‘The overwhelming evidence is that there should be a maximum drinking age, not a minimum.’
    • ‘Do you think the drinking age should be lowered?’
    • ‘I have a right to go get drunk every night since I am of legal drinking age, but that is not in my best interest.’
    • ‘I was just under the Canadian drinking age and the chaperones made us abide by Canadian rules.’
    • ‘The drinking age is 21 here, but nobody really adheres to that, especially in college.’