Definition of drinking chocolate in English:

drinking chocolate


mass nounBritish
  • A mixture of cocoa powder, milk solids, and sugar, added to hot milk to make a chocolate drink.

    • ‘The drinking chocolate contains Fairtrade cocoa beans and cane sugar from the Caribbean and Africa.’
    • ‘From the second questionnaire we obtained information on intake of coffee, tea, drinking chocolate, and cola and marital status, education, and employment status.’
    • ‘She also serves 32 types of drinking chocolate.’
    • ‘The Natural History Museum has recreated the original drinking chocolate in a block as prescribed by Sir Hans Sloane in 1689.’
    • ‘When the Spanish took cocoa back to Europe in the 17th century, drinking chocolate became an exclusive luxury for the elite of society.’
    • ‘But apparently the combination of Cadburys drinking chocolate and organic instant coffee, well, that's another story all together.’
    • ‘The Dutch Cocoa House in Hanover, which has specialised in drinking chocolate since 1921, offers a similarly wide range of hot drinks.’
    • ‘Parts of dismembered trees, dustbins, boxes, plant pots and all manner of debris flew and crashed around and by 2 am I had given up the unequal struggle that was sleep and took refuge with a cup of drinking chocolate in front of the TV.’
    • ‘I have never really thought that much of drinking chocolate.’
    • ‘The Innkeeper emptied a sachet of Cadbury's drinking chocolate into a mug and went out the back to turn the kettle on.’
    • ‘And look very closely at the labels on things like Horlicks and drinking chocolate.’
    • ‘Described as ‘drinking a melted truffle’, the chocolate has an intense, full-bodied flavor and a rich, silky texture that builds on the tradition of European drinking chocolate.’
    • ‘I did a quiz on the internet to find out if I was addicted to drinking chocolate… well, it goes something like this…’
    • ‘Your mug of home-made hot drinking chocolate is ready!’
    • ‘And it was Spaniards who first introduced Europeans to drinking chocolate.’
    • ‘He also felt a problem-solving question about the cost of a box of drinking chocolate was difficult.’


drinking chocolate