Definition of drinking fountain in English:

drinking fountain


  • A device producing a small jet of water for drinking.

    • ‘In addition, it's likely that your water distribution network has common, non-treated uses for water such as drinking fountains strapped to trees, which drain to the ground, and vehicle wash areas.’
    • ‘If you can't find a drinking fountain, carry a water bottle in a waist pack or shoulder strap.’
    • ‘Keith said he was forced to cup his hands to carry water from a drinking fountain for his brother.’
    • ‘While there's nothing wrong with bottled water, tap water or water from drinking fountains is equally beneficial (as well as more cost efficient).’
    • ‘Two niches in the long wall house traditional drinking fountains - devices that should be reintroduced in other cities, particularly in hot climates.’
    • ‘When brushing your teeth or getting a drink of water from a drinking fountain, for instance, one hand should be placed upon the sink or upon the water fountain for support while the other hand is working.’
    • ‘Swiping his forehead he strode to the drinking fountain and cupped some water into his hand before splashing his face to remove some of the sweat and cool off a bit.’
    • ‘Without it, water from a drinking fountain would simply shoot up from the spout without arcing into the fountain again.’
    • ‘They all sat in the band room eating cold pizza and water from the drinking fountain.’
    • ‘In San Francisco, the city sterilized public telephones and drinking fountains.’
    • ‘Ahead, the brown-painted cinderblocks of a ranger station rose, inviting, a battered drinking fountain by the door.’
    • ‘They broke the wire fence to the play area along with the overflow pipe to the drinking fountain.’
    • ‘There were no drinking fountains - kids had to bring bottled water.’
    • ‘These passive monitors could be attached to public phones, drinking fountains, and in the S-bends of urinals.’
    • ‘She walked around and found a restroom with drinking fountains by it, and drank a lot of water.’
    • ‘While he was bending over, to sip the cool water coming out of the drinking fountain, he heard Megan talking to Katie.’
    • ‘There are cyclists and pedestrians aplenty, dog walkers, drinking fountains, park benches and a canoe and paddle boat rental.’
    • ‘Painting the walls and installing drinking fountains would help.’
    • ‘It also wants to renovate toilet blocks, restore a stone drinking fountain, install new seating and litter bins and put up information boards with historical and ecological information.’
    • ‘After the first game, one of the young guys took a drink from the drinking fountain, stood by Mike's picture, and asked who the guy on the poster was.’


drinking fountain