Definition of drinking game in English:

drinking game


  • A game or contest involving the consumption of alcoholic drinks, typically as a penalty or in response to a specified cue or prompt.

    ‘I've started a new drinking game: every time they mention baseball you have to take a drink’
    • ‘the pre-parties tend to center around drinking games’
    • ‘Things end in disaster, however, due to the revelations of an out-of-control drinking game.’
    • ‘Spotting the plot holes or every time Chow Yun-Fat smiles could be a fun drinking game with friends.’
    • ‘Suggested drinking game: Take a shot every time the word "adrenaline" is uttered.’
    • ‘This form of hearts is quite easily converted to a vicious drinking game.’
    • ‘I think I also remember initiating a drinking game, but that part was fuzzy too.’
    • ‘This is a fairly simple drinking game for 2 or more players, using a standard 52 card deck.’
    • ‘If viewers played a drinking game identifying logical flaws, the participants would be passed out before the halfway point.’
    • ‘This is a place to party, and the sounds of laughter and drinking games fill the air.’
    • ‘If you wait for the DVD you can turn it into a drinking game.’
    • ‘Avoid group drinking and participating in drinking games.’