Definition of drinking song in English:

drinking song


  • A hearty song, typically concerning drink and having bawdy lyrics, which is sung while drinking alcohol.

    • ‘At one point the actors begin to sing together, somewhat disjointedly in both a drinking song and a folk song.’
    • ‘Men and thieves alike were singing drinking songs.’
    • ‘Curiously, she peered into it and saw a hearth and half-clad men swinging their mugs of beer and singing drinking songs loudly.’
    • ‘Nicky, Jonny, and Val, joined me, and we sang a corny drinking song after clanking our mugs together in a toast.’
    • ‘He was singing a Russian drinking song as he walked away down the hallway.’
    • ‘Their musical experience might include the singing of old drinking songs, or hymns, or childhood tunes.’
    • ‘The experience in mainland Europe three hundred years ago could not have been more different - the average person would only ever have heard music in church, apart from the odd drinking song!’
    • ‘Someone had turned on the jukebox and a bawdy drinking song filled the air.’
    • ‘Nor are the tables arranged in long rows, as they are in Germany, all the better to sway in unison to the tunes of raucous drinking songs.’
    • ‘The first song seems to be a love song about sailing, the second - a drinking song?’
    • ‘I break into a vague hummed rendition of a Viking drinking song and kinda rock back and forth holding up the glass.’
    • ‘Several drinking songs derived from the inscription remained popular for centuries.’
    • ‘People bought us beer if we played drinking songs.’
    • ‘It was deafeningly loud inside; a barmaid stood on a platform in the middle of the floor leading the crowd in its drinking songs.’
    • ‘He is delightful, and I learned new drinking songs.’
    • ‘They entertained the crowds in parliament's lobby with drinking songs late into the night.’
    • ‘The Austrian love for the new wine is witnessed by dozens of drinking songs.’
    • ‘He winced as he heard their untrained and off-key voices begin to belt out a crude drinking song.’
    • ‘The bloke who came up with the ad reckons our national anthem actually evolved from an old Welsh drinking song.’
    • ‘Two of my favorites were ‘Wild Rover’ and everyone's favorite Irish drinking song, ‘What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor?’’