Definition of drive-through in English:



  • Denoting a restaurant or other facility in which one can be served without leaving one's car.

    ‘a drive-through car wash’
    ‘drive-through restaurants’
    • ‘People living near the site objected to the plans, saying two drive-through restaurants opposite each other was too much.’
    • ‘But retail outlets and drive-through restaurants are the wrong way to go.’
    • ‘This is not just to ease congestion, but also to track the movements of individual cars for commercial purposes, like figuring out where to locate drive-through restaurants.’
    • ‘I know this drive-through restaurant that's close to the school.’
    • ‘In the future, many of the new stores will be chosen for their suitability as drive-through restaurants.’
    • ‘There's also proposals for a drive-through restaurant, close to the credit union.’
    • ‘The drive-through restaurant was quite empty.’
    • ‘The drive-through cashiers at different restaurants would share a manager and so forth.’
    • ‘Taking a closer look, every fast-food restaurant points to its drive-through window as the benchmark for its service performance.’
    • ‘Though these drive-through detectors are good for quick scans at busy seaports and border crossings, they don't convey much specific information.’
    • ‘And adding to the quaintness, I noticed that the bank's drive-through teller lanes were equipped with pneumatic tubes.’
    • ‘I wonder if they have drive-through tattoo parlours.’
    • ‘They're right beside churches with drive-through confessionals.’
    • ‘So if you think drive-through coffee shops are a good idea, maybe you should start looking for prospective sites near petrol stations in your area.’
    • ‘Because fast food restaurants do about 60% of their business in the drive-through window, packaging labels may be preferred.’
    • ‘Both his daughters knew that the only reason he didn't use burger joint drive-through windows and make them all eat as he drove was because of the risk of spilling food in the car.’
    • ‘Plans show a 6,800-square-foot branch with eight drive-through lanes on 3.27 acres.’
    • ‘The plant's six drive-through bays can receive up to 1 million pounds of milk per hour from trucks arriving on a continuous basis.’
    • ‘When time is short (or you want to stay in the cool comfort of your vehicle), drive-through windows are an easy way to go.’
    • ‘The bank, with drive-through teller lanes, carries a construction cost of $1.15 million.’


  • A drive-through facility.

    • ‘The boxes expanded from their usual spots on city street corners to motel lobbies, resorts and fast-food drive-throughs.’
    • ‘Remote order-taking at drive-throughs - the latest trend in restaurant technology - is part of a broader effort by the industry to migrate some communication duties from in-store workers to off-site proxies.’
    • ‘Many of these neighborhoods were like drive-throughs, with people waiting in line to buy drugs instead of fast food.’
    • ‘Two 4,000-square-foot fast-food restaurants with drive-throughs.’
    • ‘Toronto took an important step forward by banning drive-throughs, a bylaw that was recently upheld in court.’
    • ‘It's not just a matter of too many adults visiting the fast food drive-throughs.’
    • ‘An application has also been submitted to transform vacant land next door into a DIY store with a fast-food drive-through on the site.’
    • ‘As I climb out of the car and walk to the door to go inside, I see the car parked in the drive-through, waiting for their order.’
    • ‘The kiosk is the latest addition to Cathay's current ticket-purchasing venues: the Internet, the telephone and the drive-through.’
    • ‘As we were waiting for our assorted orders, the guy working the drive-through leaned out the window and said, ‘Yo, are you cops?’’
    • ‘Yes, litter is a problem - especially at somewhere such as a drive-through - but it needs to be addressed in a more sensible way than some councillor wanting to make his mark with such a ridiculous idea.’
    • ‘They have done studies, and when you eat at the family dinner table, you tend to eat a healthier meal than when you eat on the run, eat standing up, eat driving through a drive-through.’
    • ‘‘We were in the drive-through when we noticed the fire,’ said Karen.’
    • ‘Halfway through I felt dozy, so I hit the drive-through at Starbucks.’
    • ‘He approached a car queueing at the drive-through, reached through the window and grabbed a gold chain from round the driver's neck.’
    • ‘If not, you should look into it, because you'd be great at the drive-through.’
    • ‘So you quickly turn it off and switch on the radio, only to be greeted with a friendly reminder that the local drive-through is now open late for your midnight hunger attacks!’
    • ‘Go through the drive-through only if you're in a hurry.’
    • ‘If they could, they would like it to be a drive-through.’
    • ‘That must be tough when they hit a fast-food drive-through.’
    ignore, disregard, fail to stop at, drive through, overshoot