Definition of drive a hard bargain in English:

drive a hard bargain


  • Be uncompromising in making a deal.

    ‘the company's prowess in driving a hard bargain has placed severe pressure on suppliers’
    • ‘Now it transpires that in the final days of negotiations Gannett drove a hard bargain, reducing the real value of the deal by tens of millions.’
    • ‘Vortas laughed softly reaching out a hand to seal the deal, ‘You drive a hard bargain.’’
    • ‘As a result the various PA partners feel they are in a stronger position to drive a hard bargain in the pre-election wrangling over seats.’
    • ‘Alternatively, brush up on your negotiating skills and drive a hard bargain at the showroom.’
    • ‘I effortlessly erased it with my sleeve, informed him he drove a hard bargain and that we had a deal.’
    • ‘‘The monks drove a hard bargain,’ says Bewley MD, Colin Brookes.’
    • ‘He drove a hard bargain, winning the university the right to royalties on Kymata's products as well as a stake which at the height of the technology boom was valued at £250m.’
    • ‘Analysts have said a deal will be done between 7-7.50, but Grafton's reputation for driving a hard bargain could yet prove a sticking point.’
    • ‘Turkey has been driving a hard bargain to allow the United States to use its bases for this invasion.’
    • ‘When bargaining at the shops, this is the best term to use when driving a hard bargain.’
    • ‘When it comes to driving a hard bargain, they don't come much more useless than Yours Truly.’
    • ‘Mr Bush has scant time for fashionable causes and he drives a hard bargain.’
    • ‘His spokesman says: ‘Chris makes no secret of the fact that he drives a hard bargain on behalf of investors.’’
    • ‘But the US will drive a hard bargain, even with its mates.’
    • ‘It can and will, I'm sure, drive a hard bargain at the U.N. Security Council.’
    • ‘While he might drive a hard bargain, he does have integrity.’
    • ‘Even when he was green, even with his loving folks, Gene could drive a hard bargain.’
    • ‘When negotiating with opponents weigh up who is in a strong position - and if it's you, always drive a hard bargain.’
    • ‘The Washington State Public Stadium Authority sure drove a hard bargain!’
    • ‘Thinking he was driving a hard bargain, Bert got me to agree that his share of the Italian carve-up would be Rome, Tunis and Naples, leaving an entirely encircled Venice as my share of the loot.’
    barter, bargain, negotiate, discuss terms, quibble, wrangle