Definition of drive a wedge between in English:

drive a wedge between


  • 1Separate.

    ‘the general aimed to drive a wedge between the city and its northern defences’
    • ‘This advance also served to drive a wedge between the Germans and Central Gaul.’
    • ‘Within four days they had driven a wedge forty miles deep into the British positions and threatened to break the Allied lines altogether.’
    1. 1.1Cause disagreement or hostility between.
      ‘I'm not trying to drive a wedge between you and your father’
      • ‘That drove a wedge between the pair that ultimately led to Dunn rejecting the offer of a new contract in the summer and deciding on a move to Birmingham.’
      • ‘He said the pressure drove a wedge between him and his partner, who moved out taking their three children with her.’
      • ‘She was purposely and consciously driving a wedge between husband and wife.’
      • ‘I can see this driving a wedge between us and local businesses when our top priority ought to be public safety.’
      • ‘After France vowed it would veto any resolution backing military action, the Prime Minister responded with a warning about the dangers of driving a wedge between Europe and America.’
      • ‘‘They succeeded in driving a wedge between us,’ she says.’
      • ‘He warned that the crisis was creating ‘profound anxieties’ among young people and driving a wedge between friends.’
      • ‘They know when Government is trying to pull a fast one by driving a wedge between students and staff and by crudely appealing to the student vote.’
      • ‘If your mom's worries are driving a wedge between you, ask her to tell you honestly what she's afraid of.’