Definition of drive someone to drink in English:

drive someone to drink


  • Trouble or disturb someone so much that they start to drink alcohol heavily.

    ‘a job with enough management crises and near-disasters to drive any sane person to drink’
    • ‘Loneliness drives people to drink, to gamble, to shop of to get involved in destructive relationships.’
    • ‘Baino is the most genial, laughing at situations that, in retrospect, probably drove him to drink.’
    • ‘I've always assumed that politics would drive anyone to drink.’
    • ‘The noises in the basement at night it was enough to drive a bloody saint to drink.’
    • ‘The two week hype and hoopla leading up to the Super Bowl is enough to drive a sane person to drink.’
    • ‘It is another of the contradictions that drive me to drink.’
    • ‘Is there something in the profession that drives people to drink?’
    • ‘North Yorkshire youngsters are being driven to drink and drugs because they are bored and disillusioned with rural life, a new report will reveal.’
    • ‘It's a nightmarish experience that drives the teetotalling Higgins to drink and to a short breakdown.’