Definition of drive time in English:

drive time


  • (especially in broadcasting) the parts of the day when many people commute by car.

    as modifier ‘drive-time radio’
    • ‘In this case, morning news programming and drive-time radio were key sources of early information, but as the morning progressed, radio was a less important source.’
    • ‘But when he combined his drive-time radio spots with the billboard and specifically targeted consumers in the car, it all came together.’
    • ‘If I were advising a young person on how to jump-start a career in the media, I'd say: Just run for political office, raise as much money as you can, make as big a splash as possible, then apply for a drive-time slot.’
    • ‘The rise of cell phones has aided talk's popularity during the morning drive time, allowing listeners to call in from their traffic-stalled vehicles.’
    • ‘Collins even gave up drinking alcohol last year so he can wake up fresh and do some writing in the morning before commuting to London to present his drive-time show on the digital station.’
    • ‘At the time of the outage, the two-hour show was in the midst of its second broadcast feed of the afternoon, with one more to go before the afternoon drive time would be over.’
    • ‘It's all part of the drive time routine for Dallas commuters.’
    • ‘Here are a few we've listened to that will make your morning drive time a little more sensual.’
    • ‘This will herald all sorts of cultural revolutions, including the beginning of the end for drive-time radio presenters.’
    • ‘And in a market of nearly 100 radio stations, not one woman hosts a drive time show on her own.’
    • ‘Some mornings you need something stronger than the usual drive time chatter.’
    • ‘I am telling my drive time audience right now that not only will they face a mess trying to get out of the airport to get home tonight but they will have to face it for at least 10 years - even before we start building.’
    • ‘I do so in the knowledge that I will still be addressing the drive time audience in Auckland, because it will be at least another hour while they are trying to work their way home.’
    • ‘My adoring drive time audience will be out there right now, stuck in the traffic, gridlocked, and listening intently to this speech.’
    • ‘He co-hosts a drive-time show in Burlington on WCVP-FM, a classic rock station, making funny noises and cracking wise about that night's game.’
    • ‘Its drive-time lineup of rhythm and blues, blues, soul, and American pop shows provides a daily education in American music if not America.’
    • ‘Now I read that Jonathan's show is to be moved to a drive time slot.’
    • ‘TV news and drive-time radio will be the most saturated.’
    • ‘‘I never expected that when I announced my intention to marry the couples, I would do something like nine drive-time interviews on radio [that first day],’ West says.’
    • ‘The spots will run in 36 markets during drive time radio.’


drive time