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driving wheel

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  • 1Any of the large wheels of a locomotive, to which power is applied either directly or via coupling rods.

    ‘Nearby was an engine: a boiler on a flat rail car, pistons powering driving wheels that must've been taller than I am.’
    • ‘The new locomotive weighs approximately two tons less than the old locomotive and carries about 59 tons less on its driving wheels.’
    • ‘With its multitube boiler, blast pipe exhaust, pistons connected directly to the driving wheels and its ability to haul its train at over 30 miles per hour, this machine set the standard for locomotive design.’
    • ‘A study of the design of the two engines left only the H - 7 as a candidate, but it was found to be impossible to provide sufficient boiler capacity to supply steam for a 16-coupled engine with so large a driving wheel diameter.’
    • ‘Only the smaller driving wheels, which lowered the boiler centre line and with it the foot plating along the sides, which in turn led to a raised length of foot plating over the cylinders, gave the clue.’
  • 2A wheel transmitting motive power in machinery.

    ‘The robot can pivot on the spot by using two driving wheels that move independently.’
    • ‘Into the lower part of each frame is provided an aperture to insert an axlebox for each of the driving wheels (three each side in the photograph).’
    • ‘Early in June the mine suffered a minor setback when one of the driving wheels of the engine broke.’
    • ‘It also can move flexibly and smoothly over slopes and uneven surfaces, by utilizing a hinge that connects its front and back driving wheels.’
    • ‘Steering is performed by differencing angular velocity measurements from two opposing driving wheels.’


driving wheel

/ˈdrīviNG ˌ(h)wēl/ /ˈdraɪvɪŋ ˌ(h)wil/