Definition of drop-dead in English:



  • Used to emphasize how attractive someone or something is.

    ‘her drop-dead good looks’
    as submodifier ‘a drop-dead gorgeous Hollywood icon’
    • ‘She knew she wasn't stunningly beautiful or drop-dead gorgeous but a few have remarked on her ‘unique’ look before also.’
    • ‘Both of them would be drop-dead gorgeous, complete knockouts.’
    • ‘This rhubarb and blueberry soufflé is light, lovely, rich and drop-dead gorgeous.’
    • ‘The new bathroom is drop-dead gorgeous: twinkling rows of lights, ‘his and hers’ basins, a freestanding bath and a walk-in designer shower.’
    • ‘Sight lines were dead on, and the effect was drop-dead gorgeous.’
    • ‘Even if people weren't drop-dead gorgeous, at least they came to play.’
    • ‘And so is the case for many of us who are not drop-dead gorgeous.’
    • ‘But I'm still me and though I would rather be drop-dead gorgeous, I am in my own little way, very happy.’
    • ‘Ask the drop-dead gorgeous teacher who rejected her amorous advances.’
    • ‘It is about as drop-dead beautiful as vocal music gets, enveloped in luminous orchestration.’
    • ‘But they are the ones that look drop-dead gorgeous without beards.’
    • ‘Valentine's Day is fine for those who have partners, or for the lucky ones who are going out to dinner with a drop-dead gorgeous date.’
    • ‘A talented writer with an insatiable curiosity and a legendary dedication to thoroughness, she was also incredibly intelligent and drop-dead gorgeous to boot.’
    • ‘I looked like I always did, drop-dead gorgeous.’
    • ‘He wasn't drop-dead gorgeous, but he was nice-looking.’
    • ‘She was drop-dead gorgeous, worthy of being a model.’
    • ‘She was friendly, funny, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous.’
    • ‘She was not drop-dead gorgeous, but she didn't need to be.’
    • ‘The fact that she was drop-dead gorgeous didn't hurt either.’
    • ‘But he finds that once he got past that drop-dead gorgeous exterior there wasn't much to get excited about.’
    delightful, lovely, adorable, captivating, charming, enchanting, winning, engaging, appealing, beguiling