Definition of drop-top in English:



another term for drophead
  • ‘The drop-top was not engineered as an offshoot of a coupe that would have its roof removed during the manufacturing process.’
  • ‘This is the Nissan 350Z Roadster, the drop-top version of the 350Z coupe that was launched in North America nearly two years ago.’
  • ‘To top it off they also developed a few aftermarket modifications to complete the drop-top look.’
  • ‘Roof-down it feels no match in structural integrity for drop-tops like Mazda's MX5, the Honda S2000 or even Peugeot's own 306.’
  • ‘The trend-setting 900 convertible arrived in 1986 and 50,000 of these gorgeous drop-tops would be built until the demise of the first 900 in 1993.’
  • ‘The drop-top is pretty enough for forgiveness providing it can still keep out the rain.’
  • ‘It looks almost as good with the roof up as when it is down - and that's a hard trick to pull off with a drop-top.’
  • ‘The Stag was conceived originally as a traditional drop-top but early prototypes suffered from the dreaded body-wobbles that tend to plague convertibles.’
  • ‘The topless car was THE ultimate fashion accessory for this year's long, hot summer, and the very latest drop-tops are getting more sexy, and more stylish with each new arrival, and there have been more than just a couple this year.’
  • ‘The PT is a pretty little number, and the most affordable 4-seat drop-top in the U.S.’
  • ‘But the drop-top version certainly looks big and dramatic and your progress will definitely be noted.’
  • ‘The market for convertible roof systems is changing rapidly, driven by buyers' desires for all-weather drop-top vehicles.’
  • ‘Some 700 Porsche 356 Carreras were built up to 1959 and, of these, just 140 were drop-top speedsters.’
  • ‘But in hard-top or drop-top form, with two seats, the Healey was a striking car.’
  • ‘The 2004 645Ci convertible, the $76, 995 drop-top version of the 645Ci coupe, is a big car in the Grand Touring tradition: elegant, powerful, luxurious.’