Definition of drop a curtsy in English:

drop a curtsy


  • Make a curtsy.

    ‘when she was presented to His Majesty she dropped a deep curtsy’
    • ‘She was only meant to drop a curtsy to royalty.’
    • ‘She dropped a curtsey with the air of one who had attended one of the more exclusive academies.’
    • ‘‘No one, sir,’ she answered, dropping a curtsy.’
    • ‘‘Your Majesties,’ Charlotte said, dropping a curtsy before leaving the room.’
    • ‘Emily looked at the young man, and quickly dropped a curtsy, ‘I'm sure they are going somewhere very important.’’
    • ‘Out of long habit and the conduct that my training had ingrained in me, I immediately dropped a curtsy, despite having been caught off guard by the unexpected introduction.’
    • ‘I blinked and dropped a curtsy, which seemed to satisfy my father for the moment.’
    • ‘She dropped a curtsey and led them out of the room.’
    • ‘The girl dropped a curtsey before bustling over to Eliza.’
    • ‘The young girl stepped forward and dropped a curtsey equally as beautiful as her mother's.’
    incline the body, incline the head, make an obeisance, make a bow, nod, curtsy, drop a curtsy, bob, salaam, genuflect, bend the knee, kowtow