Definition of drop a hint in English:

drop a hint

(also drop hints)


  • Give a hint or hints as if casually or unconsciously.

    ‘he was dropping hints that in future he would be taking a back seat in politics’
    • ‘Then she drops a hint about where the transport expansion will be.’
    • ‘In his journal Neil drops a hint about a visit to Holland in April.’
    • ‘Now that I think about it, maybe she was dropping a hint.’
    • ‘He had dropped a hint when he was here a couple of months ago.’
    • ‘Got a crush and want to drop a hint without being too obvious?’
    • ‘Leaving her father would be difficult, and Mrs. Weston drops a hint that though Emma has no prospects at present, in the future her son could make a good match.’
    • ‘I think dad might have dropped a hint to him that I might be bringing a friend.’
    • ‘At the meeting Gormley dropped a hint as to how a settlement might be arrived at without breaching the government's pay policy.’
    • ‘He didn't think he should ask, so he hoped someone would drop a hint.’
    • ‘I think that Jack isn't the commitment type though because every time I drop a hint he looks at me with a blank expression.’