Definition of drop anchor in English:

drop anchor


  • (of a ship) let down the anchor and moor.

    ‘I found a sheltered cove and dropped anchor for the night’
    • ‘He found a safe site on the coast of South Africa where future sailing ships could drop anchor to pick up fresh water and food.’
    • ‘Fair Isle's residents are surprisingly used to seeing strangers strolling around their land ever since cruise ships first dropped anchor off their shores.’
    • ‘Best of all, the new docking arrangement would eliminate the need for some ships to drop anchor in the harbor, a true improvement, most anyone would agree, over the time-consuming nuisance of having to travel back and forth by tender.’
    • ‘We were about to leave our berth, at the smallish cruise ship pier, when another passenger vessel motored in and dropped anchor right in the path our ship would normally take to move out of the harbor.’
    • ‘Rain drove in great sheets across the bow as the ship struggled to drop anchor in the outer harbor.’
    moor, berth, harbour, be at anchor, tie up