Definition of drop box in English:

drop box


  • A secured container or receptacle into which items such as returned books, keys, payments, or charity donations can be deposited.

    • ‘I stopped to drop off some of my friend's clothes in the clothing drop box and realized that I was too short to push the bags all the way in.’
    • ‘The evidence then is secured in the locked drop box.’
    • ‘I wish there was a book drop box closer, since we have a box of those to get rid of too!’
    • ‘Mailed surveys should allow for two types of returns: a drop box within the facility and a return envelope.’
    • ‘Respondents were given the option of returning their questionnaires in an anonymous drop box or a stamped envelope addressed to our laboratory in Austin, Texas.’
    • ‘The peel pack should be sealed with evidence tape, labeled, and placed in the drop box or given to the forensic nurse examiner or law enforcement officer, if one is available.’
    • ‘Customers will purchase the mailers from frame shops and use them to ship damaged photos or certificates via the shipping company's drop box or home pickup.’
    • ‘The company is now offering locator services for cell-phone users who might want to find the nearest hotel, gas station, or FedEx drop box.’
    • ‘He'd stopped to retrieve his mail from the inside shoot of the built-in drop box and flipped on the light switch just inside of the front door.’
    • ‘The affidavits were signed by postal employees or, when the claims were put in a post office drop box, by the practice's employees.’
    • ‘Photographs then should be labeled with patient information, placed in a sealed envelope, and placed in the locked drop box.’
    • ‘Nurses were asked to complete the Job Enjoyment Scale anonymously and leave it in a drop box when exiting the presentation room.’
    • ‘She insisted once again that drop box videos are checked in the same day, before midnight.’
    • ‘Can't complaints be filed on email or over telephone or by way of drop boxes?’
    • ‘If you tend to toss your keys and change on the nearest piece of furniture when you come home, leave a drop box by the door to hold them.’
    • ‘‘A few days ago, we became aware we were having some variances and the money in the drop box was not what it should have been,’ he said.’
    • ‘We cleared out our closets this morning and took three big bags full of clothes to the charity drop box.’
    • ‘It had been sent from a drop box adjacent to the Ann Arbor hotel where Coronado had rented a room.’
    • ‘These started from being jokes and invitations to the pub, to coded messages, mysterious instructions, and yet more hints to other drop boxes.’
    • ‘We don't have one in our city, but we have needle drop boxes in some of the parks.’